Alphabetic (#10)

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A Unreserved disabled help (5)
B Volcanic output after regular
black pastry (7)
B Setter is after boy and girl from
Bangladesh (7)
B Investors’ drinks hide rising duty (9)
C Rush in, compare principal (5)
D Swiss exited previous Greek
currency brouhaha (5)
E Six dead kings and one pretender
have conversation (7)
F Boaters, jackets on after a lift
to party (9)
G Scaffolds permit in ends of swings
and slides (9)
G Turkey spit won’t turn – more swearing! (7)
H Hi, my latest is crazy about game
bird cross-breeding (9)
I Blockhead fired Maori guns (9)
I It’s about aspiring writer without talent (5)
J Patient explanation of task (3,11)
K Vehicle nonsense is heard in
Afghanistan (5)
L Adding oil could turn fast-growing
economies into past (9)
M Impressionist’s second goal (5)
N Announce sunrise with mostly brass
instrument, with no effect (7)
O Cannot lie about alternate
Olympiads (9)
P Metal theatre (9)
Q City that French live near (6)
R Brought back prescription written
about academic domain (5)
R Fast again? Further southwest,
ship shows tenacity (14)
S Stars knock entrails high in the
air (9)
T Ball is after examination (6)
U Holding extreme position in adult
rag (5)
W Shrivelled Caribbean philosophy (5)
X TV show exclusive, or holding
information (1,6)
Y Shouters with up-hill act?! (9)
Z Back over the rainbow, raising the
big blue living dead (5)



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